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Group Fitness

Mile High Blaze Women's Tackle Football

About The Team

The Mile High Blaze are a women's full-pad, full-tackle, semi-pro football team in the Denver Colorado Metro area guided by a volunteer staff of coaches and dedicated admin positions, The Mile High Blaze gives women the opportunity to play 11-on-11 football and become part of a movement that empowers women by playing sports traditionally reserved for men.
Our mission is to provide the opportunity for Colorado females to compete in tackle football at a national level, while developing healthy team values, demonstrating integrity, fostering support for other women’s football teams and leagues, while connecting with the community.
Our vision is to develop a competitive football family that supports every participant as an individual, as well as a member of a team. Acceptance, inclusion, encouragement and integrity will blend the talents and hard-work of each individual to ultimately form a steadfast bond, allowing us to compete as a football powerhouse and represent Colorado on a national level. We compete in the most elite league in the country, The Women's Football Alliance (WFA), We have finished in the top 3 in standings the last 5 seasons and are looking to secure the National Title this year. Every season we have eight or more women chosen to the All American squad and would be more than willing to show the rest of the country what it means to focus on our goals both on and off the field. With impressive seasons under our belt such as multiple undefeated regular seasons, two regional championships, blowing our competition out of the water with scores of 77, 65 and 63 to zero, as well as holding the state record for both men and women’s teams with a shut out performance of 77-0
The Mile High Blaze makes a statement wherever we go and our accomplishments, lifestyles and ability to perform outside of the box women are generally placed in allows us to show young and old athletes everywhere, no dream is too crazy to achieve as long as they keep their focus.

Top Achievements

  • 2 Time Defending Regional Champions
  • Multiple All Americans
  • State record for Semi Pro Men/Women final score 77-0