Team Rhino

About The Team

Baby Rhino Multisport is a high performance athletic wear company promoting a variety of sports- running, triathlon, trail racing, and an overall pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. But what makes Baby Rhino “stand out from the pack” is that we are more than simply a trendsetting athletic wear company- We have purpose and produce clothing for a cause. We are redefining MULTISPORT while uniting athletes for a cause: To Save The Rhinos and support charitable work in their communities. Our company is committed to donating a portion of our profits to help Save The Rhinos and sustain the environment so they can thrive in their habitats.

The philosophy that Baby Rhino is based on- Our Creed- is that we want to live life to its fullest.. Carpe Diem! Life is short and we must pursue adventures; train and race hard; show love to others; challenge ourselves to pursue new goals; and make a difference in the world around us while having fun living an active lifestyle. Our Tribe, Team Rhino, is based upon the average person- of any age/gender/body type- who strives to accomplish extraordinary goals. We are fitness enthusiasts with a positive outlook on life who make positive contributions to our communities.

Top Achievements

  • IMLP
  • USAT Nationals
  • USAT Worlds