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JA King p/b BR'C Women's CX

About The Team

BlueRidge'Cross was created with the vision that it would offer a program that does not currently exist in the USA: a professional and elite-development women's-specific cyclocross team.
"Our game is more than just racing bikes and getting full support as professionals. It's creating the 'next step' for the talented and hard-working female juniors and U-23s who are quickly rising in the USA; to give these girls the same support as their male counterparts. In essence, the team is more of a cause, a 'gender-equity' mission."
-Allison Arensman, Founder, coach, and professional rider for JA King p/b BR'C

Top Achievements

  • Sent a rider to the past two cyclocross world championships: 2017 (Bieles) and 2018 (Valkenburg)
  • Created support opportunities for 2 UCI professionals and 8 development riders so far.
  • Pro rider, Hannah Arensman, is current D1 Cyclocross National Champion