High Five Racing

About The Team

HighFive is a team composed of a variety of athletes of all different ages and skill levels. We train primarily out of Union County, specifically the Winfield, Cranford, Westfield, Elizabeth, Roselle, and Linden areas.

The Club officially started in June 2013, and we have been steadily growing ever since. Our members vary in skill level from beginners to age-group winners. Although we focus on triathlon races, most members are well balanced and take part in running races, cycling tours, open water swims, and swim meets. While the club has started off as a small intimate group, we have grown to now having anywhere from 10 to 30 athletes at the season’s major races.

Whether you are a brand new runner looking to complete your first 5k, or an experienced triathlete competing regularly in Ironman races, HighFive welcomes you. The idea was to create a group of people that can help each other reach their goals. From beginner to expert, people can always learn new things from one another; and that is what we have accomplished in the years since we have been established.

The idea of HighFive started June 2013 when I overcame a few health scares and the dreaded “cancer” word at the age of 35. I was a heavy smoker and just generally did not take care of myself. This was the first time I can actually say the term “Life is Short” seemed to have meaning and I knew I had to switch my focus. As long as I can remember I always was curious about the sport of triathlon. Something about it seemed impossible to me. I realized it was my time to seize the moment and take control of the way I wanted to live my life and by competing in a triathlon one year from the day I quit smoking would symbolize that. Three triathlons, many 5ks, many swims and bike rides later, I was hooked.

In a way, Triathlons gave me my health back. Now I want to help anyone else who has ever wanted to do the same, but it seems impossible for them. I have found that the best feeling in the entire world, is that celebration after a great race or a long swim session is….. you guessed it……………..the High Five!!!

HighFive Founder and President,


Top Achievements

  • 6 Ironman Finishes in 2019