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Road Running

Armed Forces Half Marathon

May 26, 2019
Event Date
California, US
On Course & Expo
Nuun Location

Event Summary

This is a fairly flat and fast out and back half marathon with two-thirds of the half marathon being run in the Naval Weapons Station. This course takes runners from the downtown Concord area up Willow Pass and into the Naval Weapons Station, formerly used as a munitions depot for several of the wars our nation fought in. Commonly referred to as Bunker City. Runners will begin their return portion of the half marathon with a small incline. It is here where runners will get an incredible panoramic view of the installation. This part of the course up until now, this has been strictly off-limits to civilians. Upon exiting the Weapons Station, runners will run back down Willow Pass and finish at Todos Santos Plaza where they will be given a commemorative medal of our armed forces and will enjoy our post race festival in the park.