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Stepfanie Johnston

Triathlon Since
Ontario, CA
Strawberry Lemonade
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About Me

Aanii/Hello! I am an Anishinaabe (Ojibway) triathlete. I am from Northern Ontario and have been involved in triathlon training since 2015, so I still consider myself new to the sport.

I haven’t always been an active person, I didn’t start running until 2013 when my husband suggested that I start. It felt very intimidating coming into sports so late into my twenties, but with the support of my husband we got into triathlon together. We now like to do triathlons together and travel whenever we can, we’ve made so many great friends through triathlon!

I was previously a pastry chef and I am currently a graduate student at University of Toronto pursing my M.A in Anthropology with a Collaborative Specialization in Indigenous Health.

As a student, it’s always difficult to balance health and my studies. I find that triathlon helps me to decompress and destress from my studies, and just life in general. It helps to keep me healthy from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective.

I love the triathlon community and how supportive my experiences and encounters have been. My family and husband continue to be amazing supports for me and my goals. I feel so very fortunate to be able to do triathlons and I hope to spread the joy that I have and encourage others to get into the sport. It’s never too late to start!

Top Achievements

  • Completed 4 Half Ironman Distance races in 2018
  • Competed in the Masters Indigenous Games
  • Bronze - Ironman 70.3 All World Athlete