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Rebekah Grubbs

Marathon Since
South Carolina, US
Lemon Lime
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About Me

I am a wife and a full-time working mother who is addicted to finish lines. I crave beating yesterday's time, speed, or distance. The self-discipline of running has trickled to the rest of my life and I am a better wife, and mother because of it. I started running in college to keep from gaining the freshman 15. I continue to run because it keeps me sain. Running pulled me out of post pardum depression after the birth of my first child. I love anything outside regardless of the weather. When I am not running I am hanging out with my family.

Top Achievements

  • 2nd place finisher at the Run and Ride half marathon
  • Ran a full marathon within a year of having my first child
  • Completed The Spartan Beast 8 months post pardum.

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Half Marathon