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Mountain Biker

Ryan Rhoades

Mountain Biking Since
Indiana, US
Mango Orange
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About Me

I was born and raised in Warsaw, IN and now reside in Columbia City, IN with my family. I am a father of two boys, and my wife and I have been married since 2003. As I grew up I was involved in numerous sports, and I also had a passion for most things outdoors. I was an avid skateboarder for many years from about 16 through my early 20's. I then became pretty lethargic for quite a few years. I became very unhealthy and overweight. I tried exercise regimens a few different times, and even played soccer for a few years. Nothing ever stuck until I discovered mountain biking. I stumbled across a MTB trail at our local park. I borrowed a friends bike, and the rest is history. I am hooked! If its dirt, I love to ride on it. I kinda like road biking too...I guess.

Top Achievements

  • Participated in my first MTB race in 2016
  • Completed 6 gravel road races in 2018
  • Completed my first 100 mile ride in 2018