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Sasha Washut

Hiking Since
Washington, US

About Me

My name is Sasha Washut, and I’m from Washington State- the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am an outdoor enthusiast! My passions include: hiking, skiing, mountain biking, running and yoga. If I could be outside every single day, I totally would!! I love meeting new people, and sharing my passion for the outdoors with them. I am married, and have a 1 year old Chocolate Lab names Finn. If I am not outside I am either working (Family Services Coordinator for a school district, working with low income families, foster care students, and families/students experiencing homelessness), relaxing with family and Finn, or at church singing on the worship team!

Top Achievements

  • They-hiked the Enchantments in WA (hiked 20miles in 1 day)
  • PR’d in my last half marathon
  • Still hold the girls basketball scoring record at my high school.

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Half Marathon