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Jennifer van der Sloot

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Colorado, US
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About Me

I’ve been running competitively (on and off) since middle school, I’ve been a JV runner, a varsity runner, a D1 runner, and a club team runner, and through it all, while I’ve struggled with the sport mentally, it has always been a defining part of my life. I’ve found that when I am a better runner, I am a better person, because the lessons learned in races and in training translate over into daily life. Commitment. Grit. Tenacity. Discipline. Dealing with roadblocks and disappointments. My first love was the track – I always liked to go FAST and, if I hadn’t been coerced into cross country by my mother (also an avid distance runner) I likely would have tried to sprint (and honestly….not sure how that would go? I have leg speed, but I’m also short and have stumpy legs). The intuitive distances for me were mid distance, typically from 800m to a mile. I’ve since been developing some of my longer distance races, trying to figure out what distance I’m best suited for these days.

Outside of running, my passions include design, writing, and animal rescue. My husband and I seem to accumulate animals, starting with my beautiful mutt Robin, who I adopted not long after I graduated, followed by Atlas, our doofy first boy, then Mufasa, a kitten abandoned by his mama who a vet tech took into Dustin’s work, and lastly Kovu, who we acquired when we walked into PetSmart intending to get Halloween costumes for the dogs. My husband is pretty awesome too- he’s an American Ninja Warrior who competed on season 9, making it all the way through city finals, eventually falling on stage 1 in Vegas.

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  • 2 year run streak (so far!)
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