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Courtney Glass

Marathon Since
Colorado, US
Lemon Lime
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About Me

My name is Courtney and I live in Colorado with my husband, my almost three-year-old son and chocolate lab, Tonka. I LOVE running, specifically marathons. I have run 35 marathons and countless shorter distance races. I am training for marathon 36 in May and I am hoping for a BQ! I am from New England and my grandfather grew up in Boston. He often tells me stories of how, as a child, he would go to the finish line and cheer on the runners. He frequently asks me to come run Boston so he can cheer for me. Through hard work and stubbornness, I have improved my marathon finish time by an hour and 46 minutes! I believe I will get to Boston and my grandfather will cheer me on from the finish. I think when we believe in ourselves, we are almost limitless. Running has taught me that.
I work full-time for a Parks and Recreation Department (yes, it can be very similar to the show haha) where I run the FItness/Wellness Division of a quickly growing town. I love the opportunity I have to positively influence the health and wellness of the community.
I'm also a wannabe writer :) I have a blog where I occasionally post running-related stories.

Top Achievements

  • Ran my 30th marathon ON my 30th birthday! And with a nice PR, too! :)
  • Completed a marathon 11 weeks after giving birth to my son (via emergency c-section) and got my second fastest finish at the time!

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Broomfield Trails Marathon
26.2 miles
REVEL Rockies Half Marathon