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Road Runner

Andrea Muzzin

Road Running Since
British Columbia, CA
Strawberry Lemonade
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About Me

Hi I am Andrea! I am an elementary school education assistant by day and self proclaimed runner by night. (Basically your average superhero). I started running more competitively in 2017 but due to some health complications, had to put a bit of a halt in 2018.
I am so happy to have the opportunities to run. My goal this year is to achieve a sub 2 hour half marathon time.
I will be running the BMO half marathon in May and the Victoria Goodlife Half Marathon in October. (And probably more to come!)
I am super excited for everything this year has in store, and looking forward to cheering on friends and other nuun athletes as we accomplish our goals.
#teamnuun #nuunlife

Top Achievements

  • Completed first half marathon in 2017

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Half marathon
21 km