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Trail Runner

Dave French

Trail Running Since
Virginia, US
Lemon Lime
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About Me

I enjoy running, but that that wasn't always the case. In fact, in high school, I had no interest in track. Instead I played football and lacrosse. And the part of practices I hated more than anything else? Running. There was no chance I would sign up for a sport where running was the practice.

However, as I got older, less graceful, and slower, running became the easiest, and probably safest, sport for me. So I started running. More than a half dozen marathons, a couple of ultras, several half marathons and too many 5 and 10K to count I have found I actually enjoy it.

Running can be a social sport, but not for me. Runners seem to fall into two camps - those who run in a group and those that don't. I most definitely represent the latter. Running is 'ME' time. No worries about being slower or faster (okay, maybe just slower) than the rest of the group, or how far they are going, or worse, what to talk about. I view my run time as a cheaper and healthier version of therapy. While I do usually run alone, I do enjoy sharing stories, tips, and my passion with others.

Top Achievements

  • Coaching Girls on the Run for 4 seasons
  • Organizing Kids Triathlon at neighborhood pool last 4 years