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Caroline Pilon

Triathlon Since
Quebec, CA
Cherry Limeade
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About Me

Hi everyone! I'm over the moon to be a NUUN atlhlete! I'm a mom with 2 kids. All my life, I've been into sport. At a very young age, I started Figure skating and was evolving into that sport at a competitive level. I took sport for granted and completely stopped while I was in university.

It's only in 2009 that I realize that something big was missing in my life and came back in touch with my inner little girl. I start road cycling and it was love at first sight! I loved the fact that it was fast, that I can do it with my partner, that we can travel, etc.. it was a healthy lifestyle that I loved. Quickly, we started to do longer distance, fund raising and gran fondo.

In 2014, after having 2 kids, (I guess the challenge wasn't enough) I ask myself.. what if I could do triathlon? I'm a good cyclist and a good swimmer (thanks for my lifeguard career), so I should start running and I would be set!
I slowly started running in 2015 and did my first triathlon! I loved it! Triathlon is such an inclusive sport and people were so supportive and no one was judgmental. I was hit by the tri fever and started at that point!! 2016, I did my first Sprint, 2017, my first Olympic and 2018, my first 70.3 Ironman! I'm not the fastest, but I can accomplish great things. I love long distance and endurance! Dive too, it's an amazing feeling, find your happy place!

Top Achievements

  • My first 70.3 Ironman in 2018
  • Running half a marathon, Mom, I can do this!
  • Climbing Mont Ventoux in France, on my bike

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Run - PB on 5 km
5 km
Run - PB on 10 km
10 km
Run - PB on 21.1 km
21.1 km