Lydia Gonzalez

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New York, US
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About Me

Hello I’m a native Oregonian born and raised and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2011’. I have been an active athlete my entire life and never stopped running over all the years. As I approached my early 30’s I decided to finally be committed to the life of Marathon’s. I training daily making my goals as tangible as possible while working full time, teaching / coaching kids as well and running my own Sports Business. I take pride in sharing with anyone about my training and how Nuun has completely helped when it comes to fueling prior, during and post trainings and racing’s. I’m so glad to be apart 5 years among the Nuun Life Family!

Top Achievements

  • Completed 20 Marathons by 2020
  • Boston Qualified 2018
  • On my way to running 100 Marathon’s in all Cities and Country’s around the World

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

1 Mile