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Eliza Lawson

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Rhode Island, US
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About Me

Last year, at the age of 45, I decided it was finally time to get back to doing something for me. Years before I was a cyclist and recreational triathlete, but since having kids and a career, all that got put on the back burner. But I felt that itch, and knew it was time to get back at it!

I love nothing more than setting a goal, the kind that seems maybe just out of reach, and working hard every day to achieve it. I set my sights on 2020 as my year to complete 2 century rides in under 6 hours, and my first 70.3, hopefully in under 6. I'm also working on a sub 4:00 marathon...a distance I've never run.

When I'm not training, you'll probably find me eating. A lot. I also love spending time outside, being on my bike, hiking with the kids, just going for a walk, painting, music, and teaching yoga.

Top Achievements

  • The Flattest Century in the East
  • My first (virtual) half marathon
  • Finished in top third of women in IMVR sprint


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

5 K
Multi-Day Swim
22.6 miles