Anna Shveshkeyev

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Colorado, US
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About Me

I always find bios so awkward to write because I usually have no idea where to start or what to write about! 😂 My main sport is triathlon, I'm also a super avid road cyclist who dabbles in mountain biking and pushing the limits on my road bike with gravel roads. In my off season, I pick up other sports such as tennis and rock climbing, and I've actually started to enjoy strength training. One of my goals is to encourage more younger athletes to remain in the sport of cycling and triathlon, particularly after completing university, and to inspire more people to hop on their bikes, lace up their shoes and/or put on their swim caps and have fun!

You can follow me and One Revolution per Minute (aka 1RPM, my blog!) on Instagram @apsheshy, YouTube 1RPM by APSheshy, Facebook @1RevPM

Top Achievements

  • 2019 2nd Female 18-24 at IRONMAN 70.3 Connecticut , qualified for 2019 70.3 Worlds
  • 2018 3rd Female Overall at Lobsterman Triathlon
  • 2020 Got the QOM on the Horsetooth Triple Dip [insert success kid meme 😉💪🤦‍♀️]