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Mountain Biker

Shawn Rowan

Mountain Biking Since
Florida, US
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About Me

I'm mostly into mountain biking and OCRs, but have done a number of 5k, 10k, half marathons, and one Ragnar. I also enjoy other outdoor activities and being Sherpa for my wife during her triathlons.

My journey in the active lifestyle as an adult began in late 2013 with running short distances (5k), then HIIT functional fitness in 2014 that led to OCRs. In 2015 I also started road cycling for cross-training and a way to spend more outside time with my wife while she trained for triathlons. In 2016 I went to a mountain bike demo day put on by our local bike shop and immediately got hooked.

I've been using Nuun as my primary electrolyte / hydration solution for the past few years - it works great, especially here in South Florida during the hot and humid summers.

Top Achievements

  • Completed Spartan 2x Trifecta 2015
  • Completed the Inaugural runDisney Star Wars Kessel Run Challenge 2016
  • Completed my first 6 Hour Solo Mountain Bike Endurance race 2019