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Road Runner

Austin Adkison

Road Running Since
Florida, US
Strawberry Lemonade
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About Me

Began running in kindergarten and joined my middle school run club. Ran 5ks all throughout that time and into high school. After high school I decided I wanted to try and be competitive so I began seriously training. I've run all distances from the mile to a 50 miler now. I ran my first ultramarathon in 2015 and surprised myself by winning.

I've dropped back down to shorter distances since 2016 when I got a DNF at the same 50 miler I'd won the year before. I'm focusing on getting faster while I'm younger, and plan to go back to longer distance after getting a BQ.

In 2017, I decided to venture into coaching during my graduate program at UWF and was the Assistant Men and Women's XC coach. I took a year off, and am now back at it.

I'm looking to start my coaching certificate and one day have my own coaching business on the side.

Top Achievements

  • Won my first 50 miler in 2015 (first ultra marathon as well)