Laura Galeazzo

Marathon Since
New York, US

About Me

I am a working mom, running coach, and lover of all things fitness and being active. I ran competitively in high school and college and turned to road distance races in 2009 after coming back from a serious illness and surgeries. I quickly found a new love and appreciation for running - leading me to spend all my time learning everything I can, while sharing my passion and experiences with others.

I have a love/hate relationship with the word 'balance' but daily strive to find some semblance of whatever it means at a given moment. Going for a run, but having a beer with my husband. Embracing the competitive spirit of training and racing but also understanding the importance of rest and recovery. Being a role model for my daughter, hard work but still enjoying and appreciating life.

Top Achievements

  • 2018 Buffalo Marathon Champion
  • Top 50 @ United Airlines NYC Half Marathon 2019

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Athletic Accomplishments

Buffalo Marathon
Winter Warrior Half Marathon
5 k