Road Runner

Sara Belohorec

Road Running Since
British Columbia, CA

About Me

I started running in 2005 when I was 29 years old. I couldn't walk up the stairs in my house without being out of breath. I started with a Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room and eventually was hooked. I have been running since then, and have also completed several triathlons, the longest being a half-Ironman. I did take some time off running for my pregnancies, but was back at it as each baby hit the 12 week mark. My youngest is now 6. I get up at ridiculous o'clock 3 times per week to get my runs in around kids, work, etc! I'm currently training for the Seawheeze Half Marathon (August 17th), with my eye on getting back into triathlon next year.

Top Achievements

  • Completed 6 (I think?) half marathons so far.
  • Being consistent at waking up at 5 am to run!