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Road Runner

Cristi Novak

Road Running Since
South Carolina, US
Mixed Berry (12 Sachets)
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About Me

My love for exercise started in junior high when I would tag-along with my older sisters to Step classes at the local fire station! In college, running became the best way to break the monotony of northwestern Iowa. Over the years my passion for fitness has grown along with a desire to share this passion with others. I love seeing the delight of someone finishing their first race or gutting out 20 push-ups for the first time. Not only do I love to train, but I frequently race local and international races and have completed an ultra-marathon and 2 Ironman races.

Top Achievements

  • Completed 2 Ironman races and three half ironman races
  • Completed an ulta-marathon race
  • Have run 14 marathons and multiple half marathons

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments