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Illinois, US
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About Me

Amanda is a Chicago native who once thought of running as a punishment. But somewhere between pushing the limits and pushing herself, she unlocked a passion that would carry through the rest of her life—even outside of collegiate sports. Amanda realized quickly that she was fast enough to keep up with the competition and turned this punishment into a burning passion to reach new levels in the sport.

You can find Amanda running marathons competitively with her eyes set on bigger goals with each new PR. She has run 9 marathons, including 5 Chicago and 3 Boston, with a current PR of 2:55.57.

Through hard work and determination, Amanda cultivated relationships with brands like Nike and lululemon and is an active member of the running community. She also represents Chicago Windrunners, Nike’s first elite all-female running team dedicated to inspiring young girls and women to run and chase after their own dreams

Good humans, music, and food are all this one needs to let the good times roll (or run).

Top Achievements

  • 3 Boston Marathons (best 3:00:34), 5 Chicago Marathons (best 3:07), Indy Marathon (2:55)
  • Have ran 9 marathons total

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments