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Karen Moser

Triathlon Since
Texas, US

About Me

My name is Karen, I am a CA girl living in TX and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. In CA I played soccer, hiked, and rode my mountain bike. After being in TX 4 years a friend asked me to a sprint triathlon with her. I had done a couple in my teens, so I said sure. I honestly did not enjoy training for it, did not like being on the rode with cars, I missed riding in the mountains and dirt. I rode my husband's old stumpjumper with hybrid tires for training and the race. I got excited the morning of the race and had a blast. I got done and told my husband I needed a different bike because I was going to do some races! Since then they have been the foundation of my exercise routine. I've done numerous sprints and quarter distances; 4 half IM distance, and one full.
I love that my husband and girls are very supportive during all my training and at my races. My girls love to get out and ride and run with me when we can and they'll be doing their first triathlon this summer at the ages of 5 and 7.

Top Achievements

  • Competed in UTI Worlds Aquabike in Denmark 2018
  • Completed my first full IM in 2018, IMTX 11:43
  • Going to USAT Nationals this August

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Half Marathon
13 miles
IMTX 70.3 2019