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Road Runner

Sara deMelo

Road Running Since
California, US

About Me

Hey there! I'm Sara! I'm a mom of two amazing little girls who are my why to becoming a runner. I started running to combat all the emotions and anxieties of postpartum in 2015 and then it took on a life of it's own! I really wanted to show my girls what a mentally and physically strong woman looks like. After running my first 5K in January of 2016 I am not proud to say I have run several distances, ran all through my second pregnancy and just completed my third half marathon. Running has taught me more about myself than almost anything else in my life. It has challenged me and comforted me and the more I become part of the running community the more I see that they are some of the most welcoming people ever. Every finish line has a story of courage, strength and determination and is an amazing moment. I look forward to all the lessons that I still have to learn through my running journey.

Top Achievements

  • Completed first 5K, in 2016
  • Completed first 1/2 Marathon May 2018
  • Certified RRCA Running Coach June 2019

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments