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Stephen England

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New York, US

About Me

I have been a runner all of my life. At age 14, I experienced a sudden loss of appetite, weight and energy. I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This news instantaneously turned my world upside down. I was told all the things I now couldn’t do, including setting a limitation on my running. I felt so different to everyone else, my dreams felt crushed. But rather than let diabetes run me, I decided to run diabetes.

This year marks 25 years living with type 1 diabetes. I’ll be inspiring more muuvement by celebrating my running achievements of 100 marathon and ultra marathons which include Boston2BigSur, Bighorn 100 and Tor des Geants; a 200 mile solo race in the Italian Alps! But the real joy of my running comes in the form of sharing what’s possible with everyone around the world affected with diabetes.

Living with diabetes and running has taught me that there are no limitations to what can be achieved in life, and that being different can become your greatest strength.

“I run diabetes, diabetes does not run me.”

Top Achievements

  • Tahoe 200 Finisher 2014
  • 10x 100 Mile Finisher
  • Sub-24 hour Western States 100

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

TGNY 100
100 Miles
50 Miles
Boston Marathon
26.2 Miles