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Rachel Everett

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Michigan, US

About Me

I started running after my kids were born and I was looking for a way to lose weight. I found another young mom, Sarah, in my subdivision and we became great friends and running partners. My first 5k was in this town - Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Work had us move to Florida where I ran with the Pea Ridge Run Club and met a wonderful friend and running partner. Lisa and I ran together, almost daily, before work. It was all her idea to push the distance from 5k to 10k to half and full marathon. I thought she was totally crazy and those distances seemed impossible, until we completed them! Another move sent us back to Michigan where I found another runner as crazy as I am and the RedBud Run Club. I completed my first ultra two years ago, which was an incredible accomplishment. My awesome friend, Krista, and I will be running her first ultra this spring. Meeting these ladies has been a huge blessing and I treasure their friendships. The miles together have been so wonderful and I am so lucky to have these women in my life. My husband Mike has supported my running habit and has accomplished many impressive running feats himself. I'm glad we can run together when we can, though he is faster. My sole sisters, run club friends and amazing husband all inspire each other to do great things, things we never thought we could accomplish. Running has given my life great joy, the gift of health and lifelong friendships.

Top Achievements

  • Kal-Haven Ultra, Kalamazoo to South Haven, Michigan
  • Run with Donna Marathon, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Gulf Shores Half Marathon, Mandeville, Louisiana

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

My first Ultra - the Kal-Haven
My PR Marthon - Run with Donna
My PR Half Marathon - Mandeville