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Road Runner

Len Verhulst

Road Running Since
Texas, US
Mango Orange
Favorite Nuun Flavor

About Me

Started running as a freshman in high school . Would not have thought of running anything longer than a mile . Sprinter at heart . Now I miss it if we don't go for our daily five mile run. I have run the goofy and the dopey challenge a total of four times. In the last ten years I have been diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder . My body hurts in different spots daily . My doctor tells me I'm lucky that I can still run . I tell her I feel worse if I don't run . So in the long run I am proud of any race I run and finish . Still going strong and on the podium regularly .

Top Achievements

  • finished first in the masters division of the summer solstice 3 hour run in june of 2017 in Abilene Texas
  • finished my first ever half marathon and first ever full marathon in the same weekend doing the goofy challenge

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

5 k