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Colorado, US

About Me

I will be celebrating 18 years as a Cancer Survivor and living my motto: "Moving through Space and Slipping through Time" has provided a vibrant life. I love being active and have always been wired to be moving and grooving. Here is what I wrote 17 years ago post Chemo treatments: "Thanks to the valuable information that Team Survivor provided me during my cancer treatments, I was able to remain active throughout my very difficult time of cancer treatments. My last Chemotherapy treatment knocked me down with a sinus infection, fever and extreme fatigue. This lasted a week. Then two weeks later, I ran the most important 5K race of my life. It was a Pre-Qualifier for a seeded wave of the Bolder Boulder. (Two laps around the old Crossroads Mall... best use of the Mall in 2002)
There I was, at the start line, wearing a bandana over my bald head, getting high fives from those around me, and taking those first steps back into “racing”. What would I find? Was I capable of running a 5K yet? How would I feel? There was the gun, we were off, crowding down to run on a sidewalk in the first 1/2 mile.
I felt alive! I felt my heart pounding in my chest and sweat on my bald head, and my legs stretching out below me. The farther I ran, the more I found myself smiling. It felt so good!! And surprise, surprise... I managed to run a 7:40 pace! YES! This race is my most important race after cancer because it gave me hope, courage, and validation that there is going to be life after cancer. I took off running and have been competitively running ever since. It is my humble honor to line up at the next start line...and live life!

Top Achievements

  • Competed in the entire Danskin Womens Triathlon Series in 2006
  • Race for the Cure Denver 5K Survivor Winner for 8 years in a row
  • Celebrating my 11th Season of Snowshoe Racing for 2019

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Race for the Cure Portland in 2006
5 k
National Indoor Masters
1 Mile