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Linda Brennan

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New York, US
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About Me

My running journey started later in life, after I welcomed my last child. Running helped me improve my mood and fitness level, while serving as an outlet to help grow strong social connections and improve self esteem. Overall, running simply made me feel stronger and better equipped to handle life’s challenges as they came my way. In the chaos of life, running became my constant. As a mother of 3 small children and a mental health professional myself, I understand the importance wellness of body and mind has in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. I am very excited to team up with Nuun to be given the opportunity to help spread the message of how to stay active and healthy. I also work to encourage my own children to embrace running and a healthy lifestyle; my older children have already successfully completed small races. Devin is 12, Kameron is 9 and Erin is 5.

My official run team is the Queens Distance Runner’s💛. I also love running with my local running group, The Cunninghammers💚- as much as humanly possible .

Top Achievements

  • I completed 17 races in 2019
  • I completed 4 half marathons.
  • I plan to run the Chicago and NYC marathon!


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