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Road Runner

Becky Kreiger

Road Running Since
Indiana, US

About Me

I started running when I moved home in 2009. It was my therapy through a bad divorce. I found myself again running the country roads where I live - rural Porter County in Northwest Indiana.
I've run 5ks, 10ks, 4 milers, 5 milers, 10 milers, halfs and fulls.
I now volunteer coach for the LRS and also coach a Couch 2 5K every January and February for a trail 5K at one of our parks. I very much have a "run family" that I love and adore and would be lost without.
I also work with our local Girls on the Run council - so I have a GOTR family too!
I am very much a country girl who loves sunrises and sunsets, watching the birds in my backyard and running the corn lined country roads where I live.
I lived in Wilmington, NC for about 5 years and then the Panhandle of FL for about 3 years before coming back home to Indiana.
Indiana U is the best, along with the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs.
I'm married to The Fisherman - proving that the 3rd time is a charm!
We lost my 13 year old German Shepherd (Thunder) in May 2018. We adopted Lily, a Great Pyrenees, in January 2019.
We literally live in the middle of a field (we are surround by 400 acres of farmland) and when the corn is high enough I can't see the neighbors or the road (which is OK).
My husband teaches 7th grade science at the Middle School I attended. I used to teach, but now work for the County Parks Dept. We met at the middle school the first year I was home (I worked there as a teaching assistant). We also attended Indiana U at the same time, but never crossed paths.
I also love doing yoga, strength training, pool running and Orange Theory.

Top Achievements

  • Have run the Chicago Marathon 3 times
  • RRCA Certification and coaching at the LRS
  • Meeting great friends through running!


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments