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Allison N. Jeric

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Ohio, US

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HEYYYYYYYYY peeps! I am Allison! I am a runner, a mother, and a teacher. I started running to lose weight...actually, I started walking. Walking led to jogging, and jogging led to running. I started with 5ks but that quickly progressed to pushing myself through longer distances. After running my first marathon (Cleveland) I was HOOKED! Road running led to me finding the trails and a whole new beast. I love mixing road and trail running since they are both so different! I have learned to run for me...just me. In doing that I have influenced and inspired. I am a middle of the packer on the road and the back of the packer for trails. I could seriously write a book on me, but I will keep this short and sweet. Enjoy the journey! #journeyonpeeps

Top Achievements

  • Attended Geoff Roes Alaskan Ultra-Running Camp
  • Attempted two 100 milers
  • Youngstown Marathon Ambassador (ALISON19 saves you $$)


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50 K