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Jenny Bradley

Road Running Since
California, US

About Me

I’m Jenny, a former vegan pastry pastry chef hailing from the SF Bay Area! Residing now in SoCal, I picked up running and yoga after long hours of restaurant shifts left me lethargic and achey. Suddenly I was full of life again, and riding that high, trained for my first half marathon. It was my sister’s idea and we finished hand-in-victorious- hand. Crossing that finish line in ‘16 changed my life. Since then I’ve run with numerous run clubs around the LA area, completed 15 half marathons, 8 full marathons (including one international), raced in 5 states and completed a duathlon. In 2018 I left the restaurant industry for a career that followed this new passion, landing recently in the OC and a specialty run shop! Have loved Nuun for being vegan, non-gmo, and low in sugar; couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of #TeamNuun this year!

Top Achievements

  • Ran Nice Cannes Marathon in 2017
  • Completed both my first trail race (half marathon) and duathlon in 2018
  • Ran three marathons and one half in three months in 2017

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Surf City USA Marathon
26.2 miles
Happy Birthday LA 5k
3.1 miles
Rock’n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon
13.1 miles