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Phil Patterson Jr

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Florida, US

About Me

I started running in June, 2013 to lose weight. On my way to losing 90 pounds, running became more fun. I started to test myself by entering races and it motivated me to take it more seriously. I joined team Nuun in 2015 and that year I won the J.W. Corbett 18 miler! In 2016 I ran my dream race (NYC Marathon) followed by my first ultra-marathon in 2017. In September, 2018, I ran the Wildcat Ultra 100 miler in 34 hours and 2 minutes. In January 2019 I followed that up by running the Skydive Ultra 100 miler in 28 hours and 38 minutes. I recently completed the Keys 100 in 29 hours and 12 minutes. I'm signed up to run the Wildcat 100 again this September!

Top Achievements

  • Keys 100
  • Skydive Ultra 100 Miler
  • Wildcat Ultra 100 Miler

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5 k
Personal Record
13.1 miles
Personal Record
26.2 miles