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Nicole Rischling

Road Running Since
Nebraska, US

About Me

I started running in junior high and continued running as a cross country and track athlete in high school. Once in college I ran sporadically, and continued to do so until after having my first child. After giving birth I wanted my old body back, so I picked up running again, but this time with a specific goal of completing a half marathon. That was completed in 2011. Since then, I have raced 7 half marathons, and ran as a pacer for the first time in a half in 2019, for a total of 8 half marathons completed! In November of 2019 I finished my first marathon in under 4 hours, in large part thanks to the help of Nuun products! I'm excited to be a Nuun ambassador for the second year in a row, and plan to continue using the products as I train for my next marathon!

Top Achievements

  • Half Marathon PR in 2019
  • Came in 3rd place overall in the Hot Cider Hustle 5k in October 2019
  • Completed my first marathon in 3:57 in November 2019


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

26.2 Mile
13.1 Mile
10 K