Road Runner

Brooke Clayton

Road Running Since
Colorado, US

About Me

My dad wrote a poem about me...
Running for me is all the rave,
In the dirt of on the pave,
through the mist and snow or summers heat,
look for me out on the street.
Look for me as years go by
beneath the Rocky Mountain sky
up highland dusty Horsetooth Trail
5k 10k marathons as well.

I Love to run, I don't let much stand in my way of getting my daily dose! I love to be an example to my kids in being an athlete and always working towards a new goal. I have an Instagram account that I started really as a journal of my running and have gained lots of local followers and have inspired people through that to get out there and run!

Top Achievements

  • Marathon PR at Saint George marathon 2018 3:14:50!
  • Ran Boston 2018, worst weather in history for that race and I made it to the finish line.
  • Mother of 4 and can keep a fit healthy life style while being an amazing mom.

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

26.2 _
5 k
13.1 _