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Trail Runner

Tyrell Heaton

Trail Running Since
Minnesota, US

About Me

Ty started running cross country in high school to find focus but didn't hit full stride until his mid-twenties, since then he has run 55 marathons, more than 200 half-marathons, and several ultra-distance events including an Ironman. Ty was sponsored by the National Guard for 13 years where he competed on the All-Guard Marathon Team and Biathlon (XC Skiing & Shooting) and Air Force Cycling Team.

An avid proponent of running, Ty has spoken at several marathons and sat on expert-running panels. Having coached Track & Field at the collegiate level for more than nine years he gained clientele ranging from Olympians to professional football (NFL) players; additionally he has trained more than 500 first-time runners through the marathon distance.

As an Emmy award-winning journalist Ty promotes the positive effects of education, travel, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Race Results:
•1st place Kaua'i Marathon Relay – Kaua'i, HI (2011)
•1st place Mardi Gras Marathon Relay – New Orleans, LA (2009)
•1st place Little Rock Marathon Relay – co-ed – Little Rock, AR (2009)
•1st place Bataan Memorial Marathon – overall team – White Sands, NM (2009)
•1st place open team male - Air Force Marathon - Dayton, OH (2006, 05, 04), 1st place co-ed (2008)
•1st place open team male - Marine Corps Marathon – Washington D.C. (1999), 3rd place (2002, 2000)
•1st place two-person relay - Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (2004) “Course Record”
•1st place male open relay - San Francisco Chronicle Marathon (2004)
•1st place team finish – Blue Angel Marathon – Pensacola, FL (2003), (2004)
•1st place Nike ½ marathon – San Francisco, CA (2005)
•2nd place team – 26.2 Breast Cancer Marathon – Jacksonville, FL (2010)
•2nd place team male - Shamrock Sportsfest 8k - Virginia Beach, VA (2001)
•2nd place team male – Seafair Marathon – Bellevue, WA (2006)
•2nd place team male – Myrtle Beach Marathon – Myrtle Beach, SC (2007)
•2nd place age group – Kauai ½ Marathon – Kauai, HI (2010)
•3rd place Texas Independence Relay (open men), 203 miles - Gonzales to Houston, TX (2011)
•3rd place Missoula ½ Marathon- Missoula, MT (2011)
•3rd place age group – Houston ½ Marathon – Houston, TX (2010)
•3rd place - Mardi Gras ½ Marathon - New Orleans, LA (2002)
•3rd place - US Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA (2005)
•3rd place - Northern Trails 10-mile, Greensboro, NC (2015)
•5th place North American Summer Biathlon Championships - Jericho, VT (2011)
•15th place - 2001 World Team Trials – summer biathlon
•1st place Patrol Race - CNGB Winter Biathlon Championships – 3rd place 30K relay, Jericho, VT (2005)
•2nd place state team – Lincoln National Guard Marathon Championships (2007)
•Puerto Rican National ½ Marathon Championships (2002, 1999)
•Completed Ironman Triathlon – Florianopolis, Brazil (2006)
•Completed American Birkebeiner 50k XC Ski (2003)
•Completed Trans-Rockies Run 116 miles – (2008)
•Earned German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge -GOLD- (2011)

Top Achievements

  • Traveled to my 100th country (Spring 2018) and will continue to explore our world.
  • Published my first textbook (Spring 2018)
  • Mountain Biked the White Rim Trail (more than 100 miles) in Canyonlands (Fall 2018)

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

42 Kilometers
21 Kilometers
5 Kilometers