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Trail Runner

Keith Carroll

Trail Running Since
Massachusetts, US
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About Me

An endorphin and adventure enthusiast since before I could walk, I started competitively running while in high school. Although it started as a way to get in shape for football season, I found myself hooked to the competition, as well as the ability to explore the great outdoors on foot.

Since then I have run in hundreds of races, including 14 marathons & ultramarathons. Trail running is my go-to sport, and I also enjoy cycling, hiking, kayaking, skiing, golf, and most other outdoors events.

Having been a Nuun user for well over a decade, I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for a second year! I love Nuun for its taste, convenience and ability to meet my hydration needs without any unnecessary sugar or extra calories.

Top Achievements

  • Marathon PR: 3:10:08
  • Half Marathon PR: 1:25:38
  • 5K PR: 17:54