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Never would be a word in my most used words. It was so final. So absolute.
In 2017, 'never' became "... Well. Maybe."
I signed up for my first 5k; the runDisney Dark Side 5k. While it didn't go as smooth as I hoped, it didn't kill me. Then, in a moment of "well... Maybe" I signed up for the runDisney Dark Side 10k for 2018. Again, not the smoothest of things. Yet. When I finished, I felt like there was more. More that I could do. More that I could achieve.
I decided to sign up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. I started telling myself to wait a year. Give myself more time. Excuse after excuse. Then, finally, I made the decision to just sign up for this year.
I sat in Starbucks scared. Nervous. I continued to refresh the site until the half went on sale. In a flash, it was done. The money gone and an email confirmation that I was going to do it. I was shaking. What had I done?! I'm Holly Porcase and I would NEVER run a half marathon. That's 13.1 miles. That's how far it is from the Emerson exit on I-95 to my house on Cesery (yeah, that messes with your head a bit). I had a mini freak out. Then, the voice of my mother echoed in my head: "breath. Let it out. Then do it."
I started training in May and kept pushing myself to do better.
It was not an easy first half. It rained in the beginning, I lost a pretty large piece of my big toe skin. I bled into my shoes. But, I finished. The moment I saw the finish is a blur. I look back at the photo and it gives me so much joy. I reminds me that I can truly do anything with a little training and a lot of nuun.

Top Achievements

  • Completed FIRST half in November, 2018
  • Completed my SECOND half six days after my first!