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Kati Keenan

Marathon Since
Ohio, US

About Me

My name is Kati Keenan but most people call me Keen or Keenan for short. I started my running career back in 2003 on the middle school cross country team. I was never a runner but running quickly became one of my favorite things to do. I learned that with hard work and discipline you can accomplish things you never thought were possible (running a marathon and liking it!). Running stuck and here I am 13 years later still living out my dream. I can't imagine my life without running. It has brought me friends, joy, strength and has led me to explore places I never would have otherwise. I love to travel and have a dream of racing all over the world. So far I have run in 12 states and in Ireland, Italy and Canada. I plan to keep adding on states and countries to leave my footprints all over the world!

Top Achievements

  • Have run the Boston Marathon twice (2016 & 2017) and planning to run in 2019!
  • Ran a marathon dressed as a hotdog for the world record in 2016


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

_ Marathon
_ HalfMarthon