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Ultra Runner

Nikki Niemeyer

Ultra Running Since
Pennsylvania, US

About Me

I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania with 2 sisters and 1 brother. We grew up with a house back in the woods so we were always outside playing and exploring. As a kid I remember always wanting to race my siblings and just loving to run fast. I participated in several sports throughout school and my freshman year I started running track and cross country. It wasn't til after high school that I started focusing more on endurance running. I started with half marathons and then skipped the full marathon and went straight to an ultra marathon. I have always been in love with running but I find the older I get the more intense my passion is for the sport.

Top Achievements

  • Ran 52 miles overnight across Bali to help send 100 Balinese kids to school, alongside 12 runners from around the world.
  • Ran my first 100 miler at the Tunnel Hill 100 in 23 hours.

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Arizona Buckeye Marathon