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Obstacle Course Racer

Mike Vaillancourt

Obstacle Course Racing Since
Massachusetts, US
Blueberry Tangerine
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About Me

My name is Michael Vaillancourt, and I’m a 40 something-year-old endurance athlete from Massachusetts. A few years ago I was your typical late 30ish year-old adult male dreading how fast 40 was approaching. I was regularly over-tired, out-of-shape, and of course, confined by the daily work grind. I had a great job which demanded a lot of time traveling during the week. But there was something missing from my life, something deeper rooted. I felt like I was missing out on life as well as a more authentic version of myself. I decided to reevaluate my priorities and carve out the time in my daily life for what makes me who I am today.
Along the way, I began to get back into shape by working out with friends, spending free time in the gym, cycled for a few years and eventually began running competitively after discovering Spartan Races and ultimately obstacle course racing. My time since finding passion in the sport of OCR has been spent balancing travel, training, spending time with family, and racing, representing Nuun’s Team on the obstacle racing circuit, racing everywhere from Iceland to the UK.
When not racing I can be found in the gym, spending time with my family or just playing with my two dogs. Feel free to follow along my journey via my Instagram page

Top Achievements

  • 2017 Earned 3 Trifecta's
  • Qualified and competed at the North American and World OCR Championship
  • Completed 100/100 obstacles at World OCR Championship