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Trail Runner

Emily Brain

Trail Running Since
Washington, US
Cherry Limeade
Favorite Nuun Flavor

About Me

I may have more experience on the roads, but trails are my passion and cross country is my first and forever running love! I first started running seriously by joining my college XC team (at Whitman College) and I continue to enjoy challenging myself through Club XC each fall!

I've lived in the Seattle area my whole life! I'm a preschool special education teacher; and I love spending time with my husband, dog, and baby son who was born in July 2018.

Top Achievements

  • 11 marathons including 6 BQs
  • Completed first 50K in 2017
  • Ran through entire pregnancy (this involved some luck of course!)

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

26.2 miles
Half Marathon
13.1 miles