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Mary Ann Ratajczak

Road Running Since
Pennsylvania, US

About Me

Hi my name is Mary Ann I'm 54 years old . I run and train daily. I am very passionate about my training. I work as an Endoscopy nurse . I go to a personal trainer 3-4 times a week for strength training. He has helped me reach my running and training goals over the past few years. I have run many 5, 10K races and 8 half marathons. My biggest goal accomplishment was this past November when I ran my first full marathon for charity. I ran the TCS NYC marathon with the Ryan's Run 9 team from Scranton, Pennsylvania. With the help of my trainer he got me to the start and finish line. I hope to be part of the Ryan's Run 10 team again this year and run the TCS NYC marathon in November 2019

Top Achievements

  • Completed my first 5K 2015,
  • Completed my first half marathon 2016 and numerous more since
  • Completed my first full marathon November 2017 when I ran the TCS NYC marathon for charity as part of the Ryan's Run 9 team