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Road Runner

Robin Larson

Road Running Since
Illinois, US
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About Me

I was a high school track athlete but ran only sporadically in college and afterwards. It wasn't until halfway through grad school that I decided to take up running again and did a 5k with some classmates. I did my first 10K and 15K the following year - and after that I was completely hooked. In 2016 I joined a charity team which I still run for - TEAM PAWS Chicago. On my 30th birthday I realized I had a strange feeling watching my friends post about completing the Chicago Marathon - jealousy! I signed up to run the 2017 Chicago Marathon with my charity team - and then ran it again in 2018. This year I'm running my fifth through tenth half marathons with a goal of running it in 1:45!

When I'm not running, I volunteer at PAWS Chicago taking care of shelter dogs. I work in the molecular laboratory of a genomics company that's changing precision medicine. I'm passionate about my work, my volunteering, AND running.

Top Achievements

  • Broke 2 hours in the half marathon in 2018
  • Ran my first marathon in 2017

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Half Marathon PR
Marathon PR
15K PR