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Brian J Sucher

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Texas, US

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I currently live in Texas but born and raised in Utah. I am married and have 4 boys. I started running in December of 2015. The doctor told me to get healthy or ELSE! I started by walking on the treadmill, which turned into a slow jog, which moved to a run! I ran for the first time out on the streets in April of 2017. I lost over 50lbs during that time. My first half Marathon was the Tour De Fleur at the Dallas Arboretum. My goal was to finish with a stretch goal of under 2:00:00. I ran 1:59:14! I have been hooked ever since. The adrenaline from the race and the self-accomplishment keeps me coming back for more. After that race, I told my wife (my biggest fan, supporter and training partner) that I was going to run a full Marathon. I began training and ran three more half marathons in 2017. My first marathon was CowTown in Fort Worth, Texas. It brought me to my knees both physically and emotionally. Again my goal was to finish but was hoping to finish under four hours. I finished the race over 4:18:00. I was fortunate to join TeamUltra (Michelob) and run the 2018 New York City Marathon! What a run! No better way to see any new city than to run it. I am now an avid runner and love it!

Top Achievements

  • Completed 2 marathons in 2018
  • Ran the New York City Marathon
  • Finished first ever Half Marathon in under 2 hours

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